In another life….


As I said in a post last week, in another life I was a manager. I managed several teams of up to 12 – 15 people, and managing a team can be tricky…..but it was great. But another life ago now…

In my present job I’m part of a team, but I am not in a supervisory role as such. My team comprises of a team leader and then the three of us…it’s a flat type of hierarchy and it works.

I would like the Library  Manager job, but at my workplace – that prospect is extremely limited at my current workplace (given that I am not moving city any time soon). And I am not really looking for work elsewhere either. I like my workplace and my work (although I do get very frustrated by the layer of middle management that we have…that gets in the way and does not really add much – gawd, strong words Kate. Watch yerself!).

anyhoo…on leading.

So although I probably will not, in all reality, get the opportunity to te the library manager, there are ways that I can start acting like a leader…and so this blog post resonated… Five ways to start leading right now

five points

  1. start acting like a leader – take action, I do lead projects – lots of them really…
  2. ask good questions – constantly evaluate
  3. take on responsibility – yep I do that…”be the change you want to be”
  4. understand your influence…”your influence comes in a number of ways whether it’s personal abilities, structural and organizational abilities, or social connections that you’ve developed”
  5. find a partner of two….

wise words.

One Response to “In another life….”

  1. 1 ozbandicoot

    Strong words indeed. 😉
    But *thank you* for the post and for the link… interesting advice.
    I’ve been thinking lately about the difference between leading and managing… will write more once the grain of a thought germinates into something worth sharing.

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