My clever man


While I probably should be refreshed and raring to go after a pretty laid back long weekend, I am just a little tired. Still recovering from being unwell last weekend I think.

But a nice mix of a weekend spent mostly at home apart from walks and brunch with friends and markets (food then home made).

Watched a bunch of movies – Inglorious Basterds (classic Tarantino & the historical inaccuracies didn’t bother me one bit), Motorcycle Diaries (fantastic), Downfall (saw again as Carl hadn’t seen), La Vie en Rose (again a repeat- what a hard hard life some people have).

Finished my book – The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Wow. Can’t wit for bookgroup this week.

Cooked up a storm – Moosewood Hungarian Mushroom Soup, Apple Tarte Tartin, Moosewood Vegetarian Chilli (which is for the coming week), Lamb shanks with couscous and an orange syrup cake.

I haven’t done any of the work or reading I bought home with me…but honestly I just haven’t felt like it. Hopefully I can get back into it all tomorrow as I have a couple of big projects coming to a head in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile my clever man made a letter box – one of the last things on his to do list from when we moved back into our house almost 3 years ago!

Made from leftover sleepers, and then some recycled aluminium and an old letter box found at the tip shop – painted red to match the front door.

We wanted something that reflected the skillion roof lines on the house.

I love it – can’t wait for some mail now!!

What is also nice is that the 3 0 black numbers on the front of the letterbox are from our old house.

4 Responses to “My clever man”

  1. I love the red letter box bit, they look like red lips ready to eat all the mail 🙂

    • 2 strawberriesofintegrity

      thanks! We don’t get a heap of mail, but my parents are OS for 2 months and all their mail comes to me! Makes me feel important!

  2. 3 Penny

    great work!

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