Back space


I bought these earrings today at the handmade markets.
Earrings made from the keys of old typewriters.
I have seen them before and have looked at sites online that sell them.
I feel a little sad that they are made from old typewriters, ripped apart and no longer used for writing, but on the other hand they are just being re-used in different ways and at least a little part of old typewriters have been reborn, repurposed into other things – the store also sold bracelets, cuff links and rings made out typewriter keys.
I remember my mum typing at home for my dad – she worked in a bank when she left school at 16, where she worked until she got married at the age of 22. Mum typed my dad’s PhD -twice in fact (I think, I really need to check this!).
Dad is/was a town planner, but has always worked as an academic as long as I’ve known him (apart from a couple of disastrous years in the 70s when he became a senior public servant for The Whitlam Department of Urban and Regional Development – disastrous as the department was disbanded, so dad went back to academia).
Anyhow mum typed up dad’s thesis on an old typewriter – a very groovy early electric typewriter that dad got in Singapore in the late 60s. My memory is it weighed about 20 kilos!!

Dad’s PhD (apparently the first given in town planning in Australia), was published by MUP in 1971 and is around in libraries and in Trove.

Back space some memories.


One Response to “Back space”

  1. 1 Penny

    I’m like you – feel a bit sad that the old machine has been destroyed but it’s a lovely way to reuse a bit of history 🙂

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