Carrying on from ha!


I came across this today – thanks and Facebook

and yes I am an introvert

but maybe not so much according to this

my observations:

1/ I think everyone should respect everyone’s needs for privacy. Do extroverts not need privacy or am I getting this all wrong?

2/ well probably again – this applies to all.

3/ that’s me- i like observing, reflecting

4/ Probably a yes from me

5/ Wouldn’t this one also apply to everyone? Interrupting is rude isn’t it? Do extroverts tolerate being interrupting? Perhaps?

6/Notice is nice I guess, but isn’t life full of surprises and change- and I don’t get a lot of notice on stuff. I’m a parent also. Parenting is full of suprises.

7/I never get 15 mins warning- oh wait- the Outlook calendar thing, yes I guess!

8/ Yes but again- isn’t this for all?

9/ Not essential for me

10/ This is weird, how does anyone enable anyone to make friends??

11/ Another weird one for me…..who does that?

12/ I think respect. full stop.

I guess this doesn’t completely carry on from Ha!- except I wanted to say I’m a Leo- that’s right…that’s where i wanted to go with this ramble….and rising signs etc are all fire. Sometimes I am a very fierce lion. Sometimes not.

Anyway, as the sign at the back of my childrens’ kindy class used to proclaim –  ‘We are all different and that is OK’



One Response to “Carrying on from ha!”

  1. 1 Patrice

    Thats interesting I would never have thought of you as an introvert as I always found you a chatty social person, but, in saying that, you probably thought the same of me..and I put a lot out there n FB when I am writing, but am a introvert in real life..rarely see anyone, have no wish to, and enjoy being on my own, like my own company, only like being around Peter and my boys..I think life and its challenges has changed me.. I have one friend who has been my best friend since 13 years old and i see her for a cuppa tea and lunch once a month (if that)..that is all..nobody else..not one other person…and I love it that way!

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