Admit to feeling a little disheartened this evening.

and then I stupidly look at my horoscope (which I have not even done for years because it just doesn’t mean anything to me) and see…

Intensity 69% – do not know what that means!
Keywords – prickly, quarrelsome
Mood – foolish

Hard work is favored now. Good thing you’re naturally ambitious! Today offers a fine opportunity to prove yourself to your employer or client. But don’t get discouraged if you don’t feel the love. Just keep your head down, and put one foot in front of the other. Think of this as an endurance test. Perhaps it’s even more important to prove to yourself that you can work through a rough spot gracefully.

I just should have looked at this first…instead I foolishly sent a very carefully crafted email to a colleague where I questioned something, and got…well a fairly public stinging, prickly, quarrelsome retort (and still no resolution).
Oh well.
we’ll just see. I expect not anything but it was important for me to say something.
But on a positive note- I quite enjoyed the whole Transit of Venus thing today – bright, bright sunshine here (after a few cloudy miserable days the sun was just triumphant!) and a huge urge to look at the sun – which I didn’t.
I love the whole history of Cook needing to be in Tahiti for 1769 to observe the transit. I don’t get how they could possibly calculate the solar system, the planets, the distances involved. It all seems so phantasmagorical.
So a weird, slightly unpleasant day at times- but the lovely Carl is home from a flying visit to Perth for a couple of days- and normality has returned to our household (whatever that means…when a 50, 46, 19 and an 16 year old are involved- it could honestly be almost anything!)

3 Responses to “Ha!”

  1. 1 Tony

    I just checked mine (Pisces). My mood word is “lethargic” which is absolutely correct!

  2. Well that’s my pet peeve…colleagues who send snippy inappropriate emails…(not you..them) they’re naughty and sadly probably narrow minded navel gazers…:)))

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