For me…


We all escape into something.

For some – it’s fantasy or science fiction.

Me – I like, what some people call, the hard stuff.

On the weekend I wasn’t feeling so good…so I went to the hard drive and watched a bunch of stuff I had recorded earlier.

I watched:

Napola – a film set in Germany 1942, about a boy who wins a scholarship to a high school that produces soldiers for Hitler.

Deliver us from evil – true story about a pedophile priest in US and interviews not his victims but also the priest!

We were here – stunning, heartfelt doco about AIDS in San Francisco. Follows a few of the people from that era who survived. Old footage/pics.

And then tonight- work late and get home to watch Australian Story about Kate Mulvany – who I saw only last week as Lady Macbeth in Bell Shakespeare. I didn’t see the start of it, so I don’t know the background to her childhood cancer – but it was just such a lovely portrait of a strong, radiant, intelligent woman who has already had such a *difficult* life.

So – why do I watch this stuff?

I like stories. I love stories of people, real people, who live, who suffer loss, because that is what it’s all about isn’t it?

don’t mean to sound trite, and I do like a comedy, I love to laugh – but I love this reality stuff. I love stories. This life.


Just checking the hard drive again, I have:

Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars  – love David Bowie and I cannot recall this movie AT ALL!

Buddha collapsed out of shame – Iranian film about an Afghani girl

doco on Mark Zuckerberg

The apartment – just want to see this again

Looking for Cheyenne – French, sounds interesting

I am love – recorded this because Tilda Swinton is in it – say no more (haven’t seen yet)

La Vie en Rose – not the hugest fan of Piaf but brilliant film, great actress that I would like to see again.

Lilian’s Story – never seen

Downfall – I saw at the movies but have taped to watch with Carl. Will give him context to all the Downfall parodies. Claustrophobic.

Diving Bell and the butterfly – brilliant movie I stumbled upon. I taped thinking it was another movie. Love this story of human spirit, and the insight.I have chosen the book of this for my book group this month.

Om Shanti Om – ‘cos there is always at least one Indian movie there, usually more

Fitzcaraldo – yay for Herzog. Have seen but want to see again

oh…and loads of Wildest India (because I love India), River Cottage  – food and Grand Designs repeats 🙂

A mix

well that’s life again isnt’ it.

2 Responses to “For me…”

  1. 1 snail

    A lovely selection of film – I recall seeing “I Am Love” and loving it much. Swinton of course rocked. I don’t think I’ve seen “We Were Here” though did see another film covering the realisation and rise of AIDS. The other film didn’t handle it well enough but I’m curious “We Were Here”.

    • 2 strawberriesofintegrity

      thanks! I have decided that I will try for the Canberra International Film Festival – in Nov. Take a week off and indulge in watching films 🙂

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