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Notes from a training session/videoconference i attended at work a few weeks ago. I took hand written notes and they have been sitting in my handbag for a couple of weeks…percolating i think! Neville, from Relationships Australia lead a session on ‘building healthy relationships’ and he was good, no slides, just a lot of wisdom, […]



* Found this post in draft on iPad – saved locally, so I completely forgot about it. Published on ANZAC Day, about Christmas Day. The celebration season has also finished. December these days just seems to be one lunch, dinner, drink, party, BBQ after another. I am not complaining at all. But it is exhausting […]

Have read and keep rereading this great article from Sherry Turkle, a psychologist and MIT professor who wrote a piece in the NY Times called “The flight from conversation”. Read it here Is it ironic that I first wanted to tweet of send it to Facebook? So much of this resonates with me. I haven’t […]

Another obit


Another obituary – this time, just a week or so ago, from the Medical Journal of Australia. Read it here… Don’t I have the best brother? Looking back – the photo of him is a standard work photo taken around 2010. I don’t know the date but I like to think it was before we […]

I posted about autumn melancholy over 3 years ago. Three years and a lifetime ago. Perhaps I do have too much black bile?? I find this time of year just staggeringly beautiful. The weather is just perfect. Warm days. Cools nights. Usually autumn is a relief from the summer, but this year the summer has […]