This is word I should just use more.

Ahoj, pronounced ‘ahoy’ is Czech for hello or hi, but it’s informal so you can also use it for bye…

I like the word because it’s short and happy and joyous.

Max’ parents have been over for the last few months and I just spent the last day with them. Such lovely people, interested and interesting and kind. Their English is poor, so Max spends a lot of time translating, but then again my Czech is even worse.

I was sad to see them go today…I don’t know when I will see them again. They come to Australia quite infrequently. Last time they were in Canberra was 12 years ago, and I’m not sure that they have been to Australia in between as Jem and Max tried to travel to Czech Republic every year or so…

Anyhoo – what am I getting at…

I guess the word ‘ahoj’ and just saying it will always remind me of my (recently) inherited Czech roots – which I embrace- as I embrace Max as my dear brother, and his parents as part of my family.

Ahoj to you x

Vlad, Jana and Max


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