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This is word I should just use more. Ahoj, pronounced ‘ahoy’ is Czech¬†for hello or hi, but it’s informal so you can also use it for bye… I like the word because it’s short and happy and joyous. Max’ parents have been over for the last few months and I just spent the last day […]

I am determined to take a daily pic of myself with a brief description. I have realized that a picture cannot possibly/usually sum up a day (although sometimes it can), but as a type of record or journal it’s actually quite good. Carl took at least an image every day in 2011. He is still […]

Truth be told I have no specific 2012 New Year resolutions, because I am the sort of person who makes resolutions of all sorts all the time. Daily!! Currently…. To be a little easier on myself and those around me To smile more Continue daily exercise & do some weights training Continue to lose a […]