A scattering


These days I graze. Not food so much but words. I used to just read, read books, the paper, but these days I graze all over the place and it’s nearly all online.
I read the SMH online in the mornings over breakfast on my work iPad – when will the SMH charge for the app and will I pay it? I read twitter feeds often during the day and Facebook updates less often. I read som ebooks online although I still read the majority of books in paper. But I also Google frequently all manner of things during the day, read my feeds which include overseas papers and magazines, look at YouTube and graze of a huge scattering or smattering of “stuff”
I am definitely reading fewer books though, and that kind of upsets me. It also means I am not writing much either and that bothers me also.
I feel distracted – flitting from tweets or feeds or links or news stuff – and am not completely sure what to do about it.
I do get to the end of the year and start thinking about what I could do better…and in this area – I would love to…..
Love to what?
I think read a little more judiciously, get through a few more books, allocate some time in the day for just checking twitter and other feeds, instead of allowing myself at times to be distracted and just…well graze a little too much.
I don’t want a scattering or a smattering but a bit more depth….


2 Responses to “A scattering”

  1. 1 Patrice

    Interesting Kate you should say that you are not reading as much, I am the same in the past year or so..I wonder if it has to do with our similar experience last year? I certainly feel more distracted and have started books, but cannot finish them..lay-buyed an e-book, but will cancel it as i just don’t think i will use it at the moment..was the same after mum for a few years..bought a book online (a paperback) the other day, hopefully will start and complete that these holidays..
    I read news online like you and I must say am doing most of my reading that way..facebook to me is like playing, do it for pure entertainment now…got rid of all the negative energy that was coming my way there..
    I often apologise to my close people in life that I am “Scatty” at the moment..old age starting to rear its head..but don’t know..Scatty is short for “Scatter” or “Scattering” as you say.. P xx

  1. 1 Ready, Set, Read! | There she goes

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