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Listening to…


I am an uncomfortable sleeper at times. I generally have no problems getting to sleep, but I do wake in the night and just lie…so for the last few years I have put my headphones in (generally one side only as I sleep on my side)..and listen in… For quite a few years I listened […]

What to say when there is so much to say? I am going to try and spend 15 minutes a day just writing here. Not a New Year’s resolution as such, because I would just like to make it a habit and it become a part of my life….probably more an online journal. Still very […]

A scattering


These days I graze. Not food so much but words. I used to just read, read books, the paper, but these days I graze all over the place and it’s nearly all online. I read the SMH online in the mornings over breakfast on my work iPad – when will the SMH charge for the […]