End of an era


Izzy 2003

Carl and I saw the last Harry Potter movie last night.

Harry and friends are a similar age to Jack and his friends, so it’s been more than a little weird watching them all grow up – Harry and his friends in a much more public manner!

Isabel has read and reread all the books many times over. I’m glad that we have them all in hardback as they have had a lot of use. Carl and I read the first five to the children in the evenings as part of their bedtime reading. Funny, though – we would alternate who read depending on lots of other things, so I don’t have a sense of all of the books at all! I also remember a road trip to Queensland when I read the book aloud to the children while we travelled the less spectacular highways.

And Harry Potter has just done the most wonderful things for children reading. The photo above was taken after Isabel and I spent a morning in the Canberra Centre many years ago. One of the HP books came out that day. The mall was full of children and adults of all ages hungrily reading the latest installment. Face painting. Wizards. Crystals!

I would like to spend one summer reading all of the books in one go. Perhaps I’ll do it this summer while camping. That’s if I can wrestle them off Isabel.

We also went to see HP at the Dendy Premium. First time. Weird as well. I love the seats and reclining back and putting my feet up. Truly luxurious. The staff bringing around food was strange though. I found it a little distracting (people at the left front has a lot of food and drinks). It had touches of Roman Empire about it – reclining back and eating. We ordered an Asian snack platter of fresh and fried spring rolls, coconut prawns, wontons. Then an ice cream and coffee. All a bit strange after a gin and tonic while we waited and placed our order (complete with timing of food…yes, snack platter, then ice cream then coffee, all 30 minutes apart). Next time we thought we would just go with the beer and wedges options – get them to bring a beer out every hour or so.

Isabel 2010

We realised last night that Isabel hasn’t even seen the last HP movie! We have all the others on DVD and I did think she watched it when she was in NZ in July. But she hasn’t and she says that she won’t. I just don’t think she wants HP to end.

5 Responses to “End of an era”

  1. My Ms17 recommends reading the series all in one go – backwards as she says you pick up on lots of plot stuff you might otherwise miss. I haven’t tried it myself but have read it all the way through forwards a number of times. I’m a luddite though and didn’t like any of the movies.

  2. 3 Patrice

    My boy is the same age as Daniel radcliffe and co..and people use to come up to him when he was 13 and say “oh-he looks like Harry Potter with that dark hair and blue eyes (he has green eyes)”..It was so funny..he was really into the whole Harry Potter thing too..he wanted his eyes checked so he could get the round glasses like Harry-so I bought some eye frames..he had all the lego, the wand, the video games..the whole bit..
    We also bought the books, all the same as you said above…and also Nicholas refused to see the 2nd half of the last movie when we went a couple of months ago..but ended up seeing it a few weeks ago in Melbourne and really enjoyed it..maybe he had to wait till he was ready..who knows?
    Yes, its extremely bourgeois going to Dendy Premium..we try to go at least every two months..but we to find it a bit distracting with all the eating and the stuff going on too..we have got it down to a fine art now..either share a plate of beer-battered chips and and hour later an affogato each..feel so full afterward-but its a great experience isn’t it! love to you xx
    PS- I love reading your blogs..;):)

  3. I still haven’t finished the books! Started them and got somewhere into the 3rd before deciding I didn’t want them to end, so I stopped. But I guess I should face the music and just enjoy reading them all. My father loved the books and devoured them through his final years. I think they must have reminded him somehow of adventures of his younger days. 🙂

  4. I have re-read the series many times, starting with when no. 5 came out. Each time a new HP was released I would re-immerse in the HP world. I have infected my daughter with this, so we have both done the same prior to seeing the last HP movie. I had forgotten how much the books contain that cannot possibly be covered in the movies, but love both dearly.It is so sad the waiting is over.

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