10 August


Anniversaries are going to be hard – first birthday, first Christmas, first anniversary of death. Normally they would (mainly) be joyous times, but 10 August was hard for me, because this day was Jeremy’s birthday and he wasn’t around for me to celebrate with him.

I get emails from Twisted Sister – usually a weekly email, but occasionally (no- I’ve just found out they do this every Wednesday) they do a ‘this day in history’ and yes they did one yesterday for 10 August.

Anyway. Hard going. Grief hits you out of nowhere. I had a big glass of red wine and cheered his birthday. A celebration of life.

Max, Jem and I hamming it up in Huskisson. 2004


2 Responses to “10 August”

  1. yes, I can imagine that.

  2. 2 Patrice

    its very hard..I feel for you dear Kate..
    Its going to be a hard one this weekend for me, September the 4th – Anniversary of Mum’s death and Fathers day..dad died 23 years ago on the 15th September..
    Grief does strike out of nowhere..it hit me badly this past weekend..something about the Spring weather reminding me of the time of year my Parents passed.. It comes out of nowhere..then we pick up and go on..

    P xxxxxx

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