August wellness


A few of us got were talking about another monthly challenge (‘cos we haven’t got enough to pack into our days already….) and we came up with a wellness challenge for August.

It’s really about being mindful about ourselves and perhaps posting a tip, a photo, a thought a day during August. 

Well I missed the first day because August 1st is my birthday, and this year – a big, no huge one, the big 50. Today Carl and I went on a longish morning walk that involved a bit of a hill. Morning walks are tricky during winter as it’s dark and we are limited to roads and established tracks on the mountain. Easy to slip back into a quick flat walk and get home to tea and breakfast. Today’s walk was more aerobic and so I feel I’m back on track with walking.

Yesterday was wonderful. In fact my celebrations started last friday evening and will continue in various forms until late August (and even beyond as we plan a party for late October!). In between a work morning tea, lunch out, drinks after work and a lovely birthday dinner at home I did a little bit of work. These days the happy birthdays come in person, phone, through twitter, facebook and email, so I spent a lot of yesterday just reading and talking and hugging and grinning and laughing (yes and there was also champagne!)


August and being mindful about wellness has started very….er…well!

Birthday girl meets sombrero girl

One Response to “August wellness”

  1. 1 Penny

    be careful on those dark tracks 🙂 And happy birthday (again)!

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