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10 August


Anniversaries are going to be hard – first birthday, first Christmas, first anniversary of death. Normally they would (mainly) be joyous times, but 10 August was hard for me, because this day was Jeremy’s birthday and he wasn’t around for me to celebrate with him. I get emails from Twisted Sister – usually a weekly […]

The power of social networking. Saw this on a friend’s Flickr page and tried it for myself – a Twitter generated infographic. Got some of it right- I do like to tweet about delicious food. Good food. Slow food. Rarely fast food, unless made by myself! I don’t tend to tweet when not happy, although […]

August wellness


A few of us got were talking about another monthly challenge (‘cos we haven’t got enough to pack into our days already….) and we came up with a wellness challenge for August. It’s really about being mindful about ourselves and perhaps posting a tip, a photo, a thought¬†a day during August.¬† Well I missed the […]