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SMH obituary


Kind soul put ideas into practice July 23, 2011 Jeremy Bunker, 1957-2011 Style, charm, wit, grace … Jeremy Bunker influenced people for the better. Dr Jeremy Bunker once said: ”The key to success is to have a genuine liking of people – and by that I mean taking people as they are, without being too […]

Estate of….


I remember reading those words the day after Jeremy died. For the estate of the late….awful, awful words. So final. And the mail just keeps coming with these words on it. I’m doing a bit of a quick trip around all six campus libraries. We launch our new library website next week and I’ve been […]

A billion for a billion  



I have found it very hard over the last few weeks doing much. I’m at work and I’m busy and I’m producing things. I’m holding it together. At home I collect the eggs, walk the dogs, clean, shop and cook nice meals. In fact I am really enjoying cooking. But sometimes I feel like I’m […]