A rambling thanks to those who listen and DO


A million years ago I worked for the Commonwealth Employment Service, the CES.
Ironically I’d been unemployed for a while before this (which I quite enjoyed apart from the lack of money).
I quickly made up my mind that I would do my best to help the people who really did want a job or retraining, or just a bit of direction, or whatever.
I quickly decided that if I was interviewing someone and they didn’t really want a job, then that too was OK. I would just do my bit to get them through the system and to the department of Social Security (in my day you had to register for work with the CES to get the form to apply for benefits from Social Security).

It was the mid 80s and unemployment was high, and there were lots of people that wanted help that I could help. I liked my job. Lots of opportunities. I was an employment officer, and employment councillor (assisting people with disabilities), did loads of training and moved up the ranks to management.

Slight digression though – early on I got quite sick, glandular fever and was off work for about two months. I put this down to working full-time and also waitressing part-time and also going out a lot.

I also thought I wanted to be a social worker at this stage. I was good at my job. I made a difference.

But I can’t switch off. I do wear my heart on my sleeve. I would think about some of the people I met and I just couldn’t switch off at times, couldn’t let go.

That’s why I admire people who work in the community, with the vulnerable , the unempowered, the needy, the at-risk. I have several friends who are social workers or community workers and they work in sometimes horrible crisis situations all the time – and are just the most wonderful people.

I just couldn’t do it.

But thanks to all those wonderful people who do. Thanks to you for listening and doing.

Having said that – I am a very good listener. I can and do give advice (but I’m better after I’ve thought about it). Reflection, introspection is a most wonderful thing!!


2 Responses to “A rambling thanks to those who listen and DO”

  1. Yes, I agree wholeheartedly! “Reflection, introspection is a most wonderful thing”.

  2. 2 patrice

    I know what you mean..I also worked at the CES in 92, then CIT then back to CES and then to Centrelink..the best of times and the worst of times..hated been spat in the face for no good reason, but loved the majority of the work, I also wear my heart on my sleeve and take things very much to heart, but that went out the window when I worked (maybe because of my nurses training as a teenager).. felt like I was helping people and made me feel great at the end of the day..am a person who likes to feel needed…

    Thinking of you, hope you are looking after you and the pain in lessening a bit.. P 🙂

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