70 x 18…


On Sunday my newly turned 18 year old boy had a birthday party. He/we shared the party with another boy. About 70 of their nearest and dearest friends were invited via a closed Facebook invitation. We had security (two of my nephews who are way over six foot and gym junkies) and we made it clear that if you were not invited you would not be allowed into the party.
The boys themed the party – Penguin, meaning formal, although there was some initial confusion about what this meant and I had a few people ask me how they were ever going to hire animal outfits. In the end the girls wore some great dresses and high, high shoes (that they mostly quickly abandoned for flats on the dance floor). The boys wore suits and nice shirts and ties.

We had been warned that 18 year old parties can be messy. Of course not everyone is 18. Still young. The 21st parties are better -apparently!

And yes, there are neither boys nor girls, but beautiful young men and women, adults. Eeep!

The +++
Sharing the party meant sharing costs, but more importantly sharing ideas and stress. We got together twice before the party to work things through, including the inevitable talk about alcohol – what sort, how much…..
Our aim was to keep an eye on the alcohol, keep them well fed, happy and dancing.
It was a lot of fun. A few of the party goers came to Jack’s birthday party in kindergarten.
The dancing was fun.
Our house really is a great party house. Roll up the rugs, put away the breakables and put up the party lights (and 96 balloons). Music on and yay, ready to go.
Two lots of Jack’s friends offered to DJ which meant music and loud music on tap. But it didn’t seem too loud and although the doors to outside were mainly open, I think our double glazed windows and doors helped.
Inside and outside – the house worked. We’ve had 20-30 people here before but not 70.
Never underestimate food. We stuffed them full and then they got the munchies about 1am. That was OK. We just kept the food coming…kofta, falafel, homemade sausage rolls, a never ending BBQ, fruit platters (that got eaten) and two huge chocolate cakes

The —-
I wasnt expecting the ferocity of the need of some of the kids to get drunk. Within 10 minutes of arriving there were about six boys singing drinking songs and skulling down drinks like their life depended on it. I’m not going to say I’ve never been to a party and had too much to drink, but I’ve never been big on drinking copious amounts of alcohol really really fast.
The goon bags. For the uninitiated this is cask wine. Fruity lexia usually. And you take the silver bag/bladder out of the box and just carry it around and pour it into your mouth whenever you want to. And pour it into other people’s mouths.

The tiles are very unforgiving. We had several smashed bottles and when glass hits the tiles it just explodes.
Kids have money these days and spend it on booze. No hugging a beer for an hour or buying a jug of cider and waiting for everyone else to buy a jug.

Jack and his mates had a good night.
We enjoyed it too. I’m not saying it was easy. But it was good.


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