Five book meme


from Con

1/ the book I’m currently reading:

A few. I am definitely a “dipper” these days

2/ The last book I finished:

3/ The next book I want to read:

again I have a few stored up…

  • ‘Life’ by Keith Richards
  • ‘Shantaram’ by Gregory Roberts
  • Stephen Fry Chronicles

if they all sound like holiday books, then I clearly need a holiday (and I do…soon)

4/ The last book I bought

  • Emperor of all maladies’ by Siddhartha Mukherjee a social, medical and historical look at cancer.  I read a review of this book last month and thought that is sounded interesting. I got it from the Book Depository last week and have given it to my dad to read first…

5/ Last book I was given

Yes I guess my books at the moment are clearly an indication of where I am at the moment.

Some days are harder than others.

Reading both gets me through and is a lifeline. Reading sustains me. Not the only thing of course, but an important part of me.

2 Responses to “Five book meme”

  1. 1 bookgrrl

    Books are like soul food- sometimes you need something big and hearty, or light and fluffy, and other times something nourishing and plain. And now I’m hungry…

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