I’ve had today off and I’m four days behind in my posts owing to …well…do you want the excuses? Life mainly (and I hope to blog about some of it).

Anyway I had today off and spent the morning doing stuff I had to do, appointments etc and then had a lovely lunch out with a friend. “This afternoon” I said…”I’ll blog….”


three lengthy phone calls

one – a friend who contacted me yesterday to say her father was dying. I rang her this afternoon, 45 minutes after he had passed away. I think I helped her through a few things, the initial shock, the loss

two – found out through Flickr that a friend in Sydney had a car accident yesterday resulting in a written off car and her daughter in hospital overnight. Another lengthy call

three – just off the phone now to another good friend in Sydney who rang me last week to say she had been offered a package from her work and is leaving work – after 26 years!!- at the end of June.

in between I cooked a rather yummo chicken, olive and lemon tajine.

So it’s now 9.27pm and I’m just onto my first of four posts.




3 Responses to “Conspiracy”

  1. 1 apubliclibrarian

    chicken, olive and lemon tajine – sounds good. I’m just going to search out a recipe now using my sleuthing librarian skills…hehehe

    • 2 strawberriesofintegrity

      lol. I’m trying to cook a different tajine recipe a week! Let me know if you need recipes, but yes- the internet and youtube are brilliant for cooking!!

  2. OMG – what an incredible afternoon…

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