An epiphany of sorts


Etymology: < Greek ἐπιϕάνεια manifestation, striking appearance, esp.

Lunch today

I was in one of my favourite places – Q Hair – getting my hair cut and coloured.

Reading the magazines while I waited for the whole hair colour thing to develop.

Reading about how women – well the successful ones – constantly “reinvent” tthemselves…
When good on them I say.

And then I realized that we all do….all the time. Even the so-called constants aren’t really that constant are they? They move and change, and we shift and adapt all the time.
That’s what we do.

But sometimes -and maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the moon – I just what to hibernate and not move, change or adapt.

Busy week and even busier weekend ahead…..

My #wah post for the month (and judging by some of other posts I have read in the last day or so I am not alone)

So the epiphany ? Well if you take my definition from the top – my hair is a little different (well trimmed etc), but not so striking…..
So not even really an epiphany

I just like the word


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