Leaves. Bike. Basket.



lunchtime ponderings….

Since Jeremy died I have sometimes felt angry, often felt sad, but importantly feel that I am in a gentler place.

Since Jeremy died my relationship with my sister has improved, and I don’t think this is a temporary thing. We have a genuine love and concern for each other and don’t just wait till we have to contact each other.

Since Jeremy died – in fact before Jeremy died my relationship, certainly my dealings with my parents have been very frank but caring, loving. Only today my dad described me in an email as a “lovely, wise and sensitive daughter”…

I had a lovely email from one of Jeremy’s children last night – we now say things to each other I don’t think we ever would have ever dreamed to reveal.

We just seem more open. Certainly more sensitive. Certainly more gentle.

6 Responses to “Leaves. Bike. Basket.”

  1. What beautiful testimonials of a type. Thanks for sharing, Ruth

  2. This is a beautiful post. In a few short words, you have said more than most of us in 6 days

  3. After my mother died, my brother and I stopped being so angry with each other and began talking again. We weren’t estranged, we just weren’t connected.
    After my mother died, my best friend and I drifted apart. She didn’t get it and her not getting it made me angry and resentful.
    Death changes relationships in all sorts of ways.

    • 4 strawberriesofintegrity

      it does doesn’t it. Thankfully my relationships have changed for the better and I hope that continues. Sorry about your best friend – that’s life I guess, isn’t it…

      • Thanks. šŸ™‚
        Yes, it is ‘life’ and I think my relationships changed for the better too. It sounds harsh to write it like this, but in terms of the ‘best’ friend: if that was the best I could do, it wasn’t good enough any more. I needed more, she couldn’t give it. It’s about knowing who you are and what matters to you… and it seems that death has a way of showing us what matters to us (rather dramatically unfortunately!).

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