Slow fast slow fast


I love slow food. I love fast food.
Carl gave me a tagine or tajine last year and I made a couple of nice meals in it over winter.
Last Sunday I got the tagine out again and made a beef, chickpea and pumpkin tagine which was just delicious. So fragrant with prunes and almonds and coriander.
I love spice and heat and love a good chili, but what I like about tagine recipes is the sweet, subtle fragrant tastes. Cinnamon, ginger, sweet paprika, cumin, cayenne, chili. Just yumptious and gorgeous.
I like slow food. I love it when things have time to develop tastes.
I like to cook something slow on Sundays if I’m in in the afternoon. It’s really nice being in a house in winter in Canberra that is cost with the delicious fragrant smells of cooking.
I also got a slow cooker last year and have been amazed how easy it is to chuck a whole bunch of ingredients in it in the morning and come home eight or nine hours lasted to most delicious and tender of meals. Isabel says she loves coming into the house when the slow cooker is on. It smells of welcome and home and comfort and love (and of course made me worried for just a moment of all those years when she came home and there wasn’t a delicious homely smell to greet her!)
Of course fast is good too, and by fast I mean meals that come together in a matter of minutes.
We BBQ a lot, especially but not exclusively in summer as it’s quick and keeps the heat out of the house. Salads are quick. So is dahl, pasta, a curry that starts with a good curry paste.
I also love really simple stuff – poached eggs on think Italian toasted bread, boiled eggs with soldiers, omelette with frozen veggies microwaved, baked beans on toast, pasta with a tin of Sirena tuna through it and then chili, tiny tomatoes, olives – anything almost can be thrown in.
And tinned lentils, chickpeas, cannelloni beans are great too, passata or tinned tomatoes for a quick sauce. Wraps with hommus and veggies and BBQd chicken. And don’t get me started on roast vegies that only take 20-30 mins – potato, sweet potato, pumpkin, parsnips, beetroot, tomatoes, onions, garlic…..oh yumness
Do you have favourite quick meals to share??
Good job the tagine is on again today – this time beef and sweet potato. I’m going to try a new recipe each week and really give the whole tagine thing a good go!


9 Responses to “Slow fast slow fast”

  1. 1 apubliclibrarian

    Isabel’s comments about welcoming aromas brought a smile to my face. It is exactly what my kids were saying yesterday..smells yum it ready yet..slow cooking takes time. Fast food, rice with just about anything..pasta with creamy garlic sauce but my favourite is fresh pan fried salmon fillet with vegies.

  2. One of my best quick meals is Burritos. Its a regular at our place when I work until 6pm and its quick and easily made. A true family favourite.

  3. 4 strawberriesofintegrity

    Don’t know how I forgot burritos- yes quick and yum, and both my kids can make these which is an even bigger win!

  4. 5 bookgrrl

    I am going to get a tagine!
    Favourite quick meals- Sean loves pasta, and I usually keep some bolognaise sauce in the freezer for this eventuality. For the rest of us, it’s egg-based- poached and scrambled, with toast 🙂

    • 6 KatieTT

      Steph- wait till they are old enough to do it all themselves…heavenly.
      Ms 15 frequently makes meals if we are out or full!!

  5. 7 Penny

    I really want a tagine – not because my clay pot doesn’t do a good job, but because I like the authenticity aspect 🙂 Love tagine for the same reason, savoury, sweet and fragrant.
    Home made hamburgers are a good quick meal too, and infinitely customizable.

    • 8 strawberriesofintegrity

      I know what you mean. I know I could cook these meals in a heavy based saucepan – but also love the authentic part of it.
      Yes- hamburgers are there too- current fave is lamburgers with holumi mmmm

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