Start with the heart


I’m part of the blog every day in June #blogjune as I did last year.

But lots has happened and I am still very much in a period of grieving as my darling brother died just a few weeks ago.

Lots of people and things are getting me through this time.  I never particularly know what it will be…and I’m staggered at how quickly my mood and feelings can change. But as everyone says…early days.

As I said, lots of people, things are getting me through. Today it’s been an email from a good friend who checks up on me most days (in a variety of ways…..)

From The Midrash………An Interpretation of the Heart…………

The Heart Sees, The Heart Hears, The Heart Speaks,
The Heart Walks, The Heart Falls, The Heart Rejoices,
The Heart Cries, The Heart Comforts, The Heart Suffers,
The Heart Surrenders, The Heart Errs, The Heart Trembles,
The Heart Awakens……….

In Loving Memory of Jeremy.

To Kate – May Your Heart Awaken Gently…………….

I can be hard on myself.

I do need to be gentler with myself.

Those who know me will know my posts can be like this.

Those who don’t probably won’t come here again (that’s OK).

5 Responses to “Start with the heart”

  1. 1 Mysskitn

    You must be kind to yrself love this us a very very hard time. I think ut was about this time that I found yr blog last year & started flowing u. I’ll be reading still & Mabye even doing my own blog June 😉 hugs

  2. 2 Penny

    lovely words. let the morning star arise…

  3. What a gorgeous thing to read when I logged on this morning.

    Have a happy day today x

  4. 4 Kim

    Sleeves are as good a place as any when hearts are hurting. Be gentle with yourself Katie x

  5. Couldn’t we all be gentler on ourselves, others and the world 🙂 Needs saying often and with love. I shall try alongside you 🙂

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