The world keeps spinning


World keeps spinning

Back at work this week. Some big projects and I know it’s going to be a busy 9 weeks until new website is up. We have the wireframes, so it’s full on now. Combined with starting another 23 things program, some training on all six campuses – the nine weeks should fly by. Hopefully not too stressy either!

The rapture didn’t happen. Glad about that of course. I love that word and only really think about Deborah Harry and rapture when I hear the word. And love that the actual word rapture means catch up, take away, snatch.

Lots of talking this week and lots of people asking about me and Jeremy and how I’m feeling and truly – sad.
I think I’m over reading about grief at the moment. Was a bit angry the other day and said to myself -oh you’re in the angry stage of grief. As if that makes it any better.
I am blessed with such a supportive group of people around me – family, friends, colleagues.

Have had some absolutely amazing and delicious meals over the last seven days – I feel quite spoilt and indulged in a way.
Italian and Sons – the most exquisite meal I have eaten for a very long time. slow cooked lamb, the most delicious salad of rocket, shaved fennel and segmented orange, three ingredients that were just perfect. The smoothest, most delicious tasting pannacota ever with poached pear (I adore poached fruit). Italian red wine. Wonderful service.
Podfood – amazing handmade small gnocchi, slow cooked beef cheeks. Wonderful surroundings – in a pretty garden shop.
Iori – Japanese food. The freshest sashimi, best miso soup ever and best of all a celebration with 22 other friends for Susan’s birthday. Oh and the tofu!! Rapture!

I’ve had some lovely cards and notes and emails and texts and tweets. Also some plants – two camellias that we planted yesterday and a lemon tree. People are so incredibly thoughtful. I love the idea of looking outside and seeing the camellias in flower and thinking of Jem. Flowers becomes quite important to him especially as he became more ill. He loved having flowers in the flat. I remember in his usual generous way – he would give me $100 and say – get a few bunches of flowers – anything, bright – and candles (there is a wonderful French candle shop in Macleay St)

Still in a calm, gentle mood most of the time.
Slightly worried that I appear to be almost coping too well?
Miss Jem so much. He is all around but nowhere at times and I do grieve for him.

Read this recently in a book on grieving -remedies and resources: team, time, talk, tears, touch, thoughtfulness, theology (I am happier with this one meaning spirituality. I tell myself the theology bit was just to help with the alliteration)

And the world keeps spinning.

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