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Last weekend was so hard and so sad I came to dread phoning Jem or Mum and Dad. I just didn’t want any more sad, horrid news. I know that it won’t always be good news, and that when someone very close to you has embarked on a slow journey to death, there will be awful, awful, sad, […]

Quince tartin


Such a strange and profound dinner tonight. Me and Jem and Max and Kath and Elaine. Starters – bruscetta with salmon marinated in lemon and lime juice, Spanish onions and capers served with coriander. Main – pizza with prawns, goats cheese, rocket. Dessert – baked quinces tartin. Conversation ranged from morphine, writing novels, travel and […]

Multiple mets


By that I mean “multiple metastasis”. That’s how Jem described what’s happening to him to a friend yesterday. And multiple mets are not a good thing. This week has had an intensity and a sadness that I have found very hard to deal with. Tears are frequent and Jem is obviously in more pain. Two […]



Bad news today. Jem had a MRI yesterday. The pain has changed and both his oncologist and his neurosurgeon (who I found out today is first and foremost a orthopedic surgeon) wanted another scan to find out what was going on. With metastatic cancer it’s almost just a matter of time really. So we are […]

I’m in Sydney for work. Three days at the Educause conference and I am looking forward to the program and catching up with some people. I took advantage of this all and flew up early this morning and did a few extra things. I spend a couple of hours at a rooftop garden wake for […]