News, what news…


I am normally quite interested in news. My ways of getting my news are however changing.

I used to always listen to ABC and usually catch either ABC or SBS news most evenings (there was a stage when I didn’t watch a lot news when the children were little, I didn’t want them having to watch and listen to sad or bad news). I would get the newspaper on the weekend and usually try and catch a glimpse of a newspaper somewhere during the day.

Now I get my news in other ways. I occasionally still hear news, most often BBC World News in bed when I can’t sleep (I listen with headphones). I get news through Twitter. I rarely watch TV news and I still buy the SMH (and about twice a year the Canberra Times) on Saturday – but increasingly I query this as I don’t read it really, but buy if from habit.

Online I find the SMH appalling, really trashy and reading like a Who magazine. I like BBC and the Guardian online and read them in preference to NYTimes or any other US news. These days I think I like the immediate twitter news, link and then being able to read some type of commentary later.. something more reflective, considered. I don’t need hysteria and noise.

Where is all this going? Well since Jeremy has been ill I have listened and watched to even less news.  I have looked at the SMH most days in paper as Jeremy gets it or someone brings it with them, but I guess I am in such a place that I really do expect my news to be the only news. My sphere and interest in really only in Jeremy and how he is going. So other stuff is happening you say? There have been times in the last five weeks when I have honestly expected Jeremy’s illness to be headlines in the paper.

I have actively avoided watching any news footage of Christchurch or Japan as I just feel a little fragile. I cannot imagine the pain and suffering that so many people are experiencing at the moment but my pain and suffering is local and all I really know at present.

And I guess that is OK. My way of dealing with things at present.

Carl and Isabel arrived in Sydney early afternoon yesterday and we had lunch with Jem and Max before a whizz around the Entombed Warriors at the AGNSW. We then popped back to Jjems and headed home. I barely talked at all on the drive home. It felt like the longest trip I had ever taken even though it was only 3 hours. I was so sad going further and further away from Jem.When I got home I just sobbed and sobbed and then fell asleep for 9 solid hours.

Today I am flat and drained and tired and overwhelmed, but being nice to myself and loving being around my lovely adorable partner – although I am sure I am not the greatest fun. I am taking things slow and just appreciating and enjoying the smallest of things.

The weather is just extraordinary, cool at night and warm in the day, so a heavy, heavy dew in the morning. Today at the markets we got flowers and plants – broccoli and tarragon and then some flower seedings and I am looking forward to getting into the garden tomorrow.

I have talked it over with jem and Carl and raised it with my bosses at work. the plan now is to be in Sydney for 3-5 days (weekdays) every month to help out Jem and Max. Everyone is wonderful and supportive and loves the idea.

That’s it – my news



4 Responses to “News, what news…”

  1. 1 zuzu

    Hmmm Kate. I can totally relate. I block out ‘newz’ so I can get through the day. Sending you love, good news. Healing thoughts.

    It’s all we have at the end. Our thoughts. Our love.


  2. 2 Rachel

    My thoughts are with you during this most difficult time. Take care of yourself Kate.

  3. 3 Penny

    We have to focus on our own loved ones in their need. I have to sequester myself from the news at present. At the risk of sounding callous, I get a bit of disaster fatigue from the continual media coverage. I know for some people, this is good because it is their way of dealing with it but for me it’s not.

    Your plans sound like a good idea to me. Take care Kate.

  4. Oh, this describes my experiences too. When there are loved ones in need, there’s nothing left over for the rest of the world. It’s amazing to me to emerge from a week or two of that intensity and realize the world still goes on. Good that you can arrange to be there with your brother for a few days each month. A difficult, but special time for you both.

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