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Oh! Behind Ainslie shops, a photo by KatieTT on Flickr. Advertisements



I think I’m doing OK. I am actually in a better head space than I was at the beginning of the year. I think I’m doing OK and I think a way of coping is definitely to spend time and rationalize it all and think it’s all going to be OK. Last week when I […]

I get a daily email from Inside Higher Ed This caught my eye yesterday…‘Green is not sustainable’ especially the part about the difference between green and sustainable “…“Green” is subjective. Being “green” is modifying your societally-defined default behaviors in the hope of being somewhat less destructive of the environment and the planet. “Green” means using […]

I am normally quite interested in news. My ways of getting my news are however changing. I used to always listen to ABC and usually catch either ABC or SBS news most evenings (there was a stage when I didn’t watch a lot news when the children were little, I didn’t want them having to […]

Cloaked in


Another interesting day. Appointment with the neurologist. Jem came out saying that the neurologist said ‘one, maybe two years’. I had tears in my eyes as I gave him a big hug. He had a big smile on his face and he did say – not a guarantee Kate… It’s all of course completely dependent […]

Busy being ill


it takes a lot of time being sick. Today – for example. Max started work at 5am which meant getting up just after 4am (he is trying to work some early mornings so that he has the rest of the day from about midday to help with appointments). Jem got up just before 7 and […]

Conversations all over the place. Having these conversations every so often. You know, the what would you do if you only had x amount of time left to live. Jeremy says it’s good if he stays well. Sure it takes him an age to walk down the hall, an even greater age to shower and […]