Sick of putting on a brave face


Where to begin. Well there is no beginning. Jeremy, my brother now has secondary Lung cancer,
Yes – not content with removing a lung, this most insidious disease has now decided to reveal itself in two brain tumours (removed in the last week thorough two separate craniotomies) and now in L4 – the spine.
Today I’m angry.
Jeremy looks a little ill. He has a scar and a bandage on his head from the surgery. The last craniotomy has resulted in Jeremy’s left leg not really working. How weird is that? Your leg just stops co-operating. Hopefully this is temporary as the neurologist seems to think. In the interim it’s a frame and a wheelchair and just feeling a little silly.
Today I’m angry, I’m really fucking angry.
Today I just want to say – stop. Enough!
Don’t take him.


3 Responses to “Sick of putting on a brave face”

  1. Babe – it’s ok not to be brave.

  2. I kinda know how this feels, and it sucks. If i was in Canberra with you i’d want to get together to rant, rave, throw tantrums, sulk, sell my soul, do anything to make it not so…

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