Eight down…


… three hundred and fifty-seven to go. I’m taking part in DailyImage 2011, where you take a photo every day for 2011. One photo, video, drawing of yourself every day.

There are lots of these Flickr groups around. The first ones appeared in 2009, or possibly earlier. I tried doing an image a week in 2009, but failed after 7 weeks. I don’t think that it was often enough for me to remember and get involved in.

My Flickr daily image 2011 set is here. I post my daily image on my Flickr page and then also tag it to go on the  Daily Image 2011 group

So how is it going after 8 days?

  • I agree with Kathryn (instigator and admin for this group) – it’s better if you smile. I think that sometimes I *think* I’m smiling and I’m not …well that’s sad. Smiling inside but not outside?
  • It may seem self-indulgent – perhaps it is…but I don’t feel like it at the moment. It is really often a snap out of your day – sometimes it does sum up and capture the whole day, but mostly it’s just an hour, or a moment or even a second.
  • I like seeing other’s people pictures. I am a natural voyeur. I like just looking at people. But this is a little more. Some of the people in the group are friends and others I don’t know at all. Looking forward to meeting new people through this and connecting.
  • I like the idea of the documentation of a year…although snippets, but that’s OK.
  • A different way to show parts of me?
  • I hope that I can start relaxing a little more with this photo project. I naturally don’t like having photos taken of me. I don’t naturally jump to the front when someone brings out a camera. A lot of photos of me in the past have shown a smiling face, yet clenched fists. Relaxed? I don’t think so. Enjoying the whole photo experience? – Oh no.
  • I do seem to take photos in the morning at the moment – get it done, and get on with the day? I don’t want it to become onerous. It’s not onerous. It’s fun! And afterall I can take the photo and then tag, write about, load etc – all later, and in fact in batches if that works better.
  • I also have to be a little smarter at viewing other photos – ah….another *thing* to do! Time goes soooo very quickly. But I like seeing and commenting!
  • I like that we are from all sides of the world – so when I am in a summer shot, others are rugged up in woolies and putting up snow shots.
  • I am enjouying the creative aspect of the project.
  • I get to use my new camera more and my phone and play around with apps like Camera+

7.1.11 (with camera+)

And if I miss a day and totally forget. Will the sky fall in? I hope not. We’ll just see.


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