Ceridwen thanks


Truth be told I haven’t really got into this #blog12daysXmas, but I might have had if I had given it all a bit more thought and planned some kind of theme or something.

I haven’t gone the way of @CeridwynatUni who has written some great posts about the 12 days – the leaping lords, blackbirds, bagpipes – yet also linked these thoughts to Colin Firth (well Ceridwyn you said Austen’s Mr Darcy and I took it to the next natural stage), food and headaches.

And I now know that the end of the 12 days end with the Epiphany. I had to look up the religious definition of epiphany as I’m more familiar with the standard definition sudden realisation of *something*.

I had a bath this evening – and used one of my luscious, extravagant, delicious bath treats – Ceridwen’s Cauldron Luxury Bath Melt (oh yummy Lush, part of my ‘Serenity’ care package from Carl). Oh my – a cotton bag of sweet smells – walnut oil, tangerine oil, lavender oil, sandalwood and frankincense. As I had my bath I finished reading The Element– by Ken Robinson. I didn’t have an epiphany, but rather just got a little more excited about this year.

I need to be careful – pace myself a little (lot). Studying part-time and this semester I spend a day a week IN A SCHOOL, and then my four-week prac in May. So excited about all of that. And work – I am involved in some big projects here – a website redesign, implementing PRIMO and LibGuides – and that’s just in the first part of the year. I am still at least 18months away from being a teacher (if indeed I do teach), so there is a LOT to work through with all of this.

So – three thanks to Ceridwen – my Ceridwen bath melt, Ceridwyn for your posts and to Ceridwen – my grand neice -who is just a year old. Ceridwen, a Welsh name that means blessed poetry or song. Thanks Kx

My Christmas present from my beautiful daughter – Isabel. Great frame and owl  drawing (excuse my reflection).

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