My brother Jeremy and partner Max gave us some French truffles (fresh winter Peybere truffle from the south of France) as part of their very generous Christmas gift to us. The truffles had been air freighted to Australia and arrived in Sydney on Christmas Eve – boo for food miles, but yay for trying something new and much talked about. The Canberra grower’s market that we go to every saturday morning has a local truffle producer – I have not had their truffles and they are only ever at the markets for a short season, where they attract a crowd and display their (few) truffles under a glass dome.

shaved truffle

Max has cooked for a living for years and said that truffles were best served very simply with minimal ingredients to properly appreciate the truffles. Carl made some fresh pasta (with our chook’s eggs) and we served the pasta with garlic, good olive oil, grated fresh parmesan and shaved truffle. Max thought the piece of truffle they gave us would be sufficient for two meals.

Firstly the smell – earthy, incredibly strong, really strong in fact and like no smell I’ve smelt before. The truffle came in a small glass jar nestled in some uncooked arborio rice.

mmm, fresh pasta

And the taste? Well I did enjoy the taste, again really quite hard to describe, but the small amount of truffle permeated the whole meal. Strong, earthy flavour. I was amazed at how strongly I could still smell truffle after I had used the bowl of pasta and had used the bowl to have some salad. Strong as!

As with lots of things it was the experience – making the fresh pasta, the anticipation of the truffle, a phone call to Max – the truffle journey no doubt!

pasta - made with a mix of plain & wholemeal flour

We have half a truffle left. Max has suggested that we put the remainder in a sealed container with some fresh eggs. Leave for a few days in the fridge so that the eggs take on the flavour of the truffles, make some scrambled eggs with the truffle and then serve with grated truffle! We will have scrambled eggs with truffle on the weekend perhaps. Again – simple, minimal ingredients.

So after this this post – some handmade organic chocolates – ah Christmas!



2 Responses to “Truffles!”

  1. 1 bookgrrl

    Yum! I had pasta with truffle shavings and it was divine 🙂

  2. oh my! One day I hope to try some truffles 🙂

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