Lost ….(but later found)


…my mojo for #blog12daysXmas. But I am not going to dwell on it. Only a few days to go!

I think it has been superseded by Daily Image 2011. I love the growing, diverse group for this.

I have been listening to a lot of radio over the last few days. A lot of weather (turn off or change stations), sport (turn off or change stations), and reviews of 2010 (almost over this now too). I did hear a snippet about Christmas…the yule log (not the chocolate cake formed to look like a small log), but according to some English historians the yule log means that a huge log or even a tree was brought into the home and lit on Christmas Eve. It then burnt and provided warmth for the 12 days of Christmas. Some people would burn the bay leaves and wreaths that they had made for Christmas on the 12th night (part of the taking down the Christmas decorations). I googled it and couldn’t find exactly this, but the yule log is significant in lots of countries and places. There is even a televised yule log – a film loop of a log burning in a fireplace, with Christmas carols! Apparently this originated from ….” Fred M. Thrower, President and CEO of WPIX, Inc…..he envisioned this television program as a televised Christmas gift to those residents of “The Big Apple” who lived in apartments and homes without fireplaces. This also provided time for employees of the TV station to stay home with their families, instead of working for the usual morning news program“- from Wikipedia, read about the whole TV yule log

Anyway, way too hot in the southern hemisphere to even contemplate lighting a yule log – maybe a BBQ but that’s about it – maybe that’s why we eat them (although I haven’t for years).

This photo has nothing to do with this post, but an upsidedown photo of one of the chook eggs from 1.1.11 [well I guess you would use eggs to make an edible yule log].

Actually that wasn’t so bad…#blog12daysXmas


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