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Eight down…


… three hundred and fifty-seven to go. I’m taking part in DailyImage 2011, where you take a photo every day for 2011. One photo, video, drawing of yourself every day. There are lots of these Flickr groups around. The first ones appeared in 2009, or possibly earlier. I tried doing an image a week in 2009, […]

Ceridwen thanks


Truth be told I haven’t really got into this #blog12daysXmas, but I might have had if I had given it all a bit more thought and planned some kind of theme or something. I haven’t gone the way of @CeridwynatUni who has written some great posts about the 12 days – the leaping lords, blackbirds, […]



My brother Jeremy and partner Max gave us some French truffles (fresh winter Peybere truffle from the south of France) as part of their very generous Christmas gift to us. The truffles had been air freighted to Australia and arrived in Sydney on Christmas Eve – boo for food miles, but yay for trying something new and […]

…my mojo for #blog12daysXmas. But I am not going to dwell on it. Only a few days to go! I think it has been superseded by Daily Image 2011. I love the growing, diverse group for this. I have been listening to a lot of radio over the last few days. A lot of weather (turn […]

I guess I should also try and make it again at 11.11 on 11.1.11 and of course – 11.11.11. New Years Eve party across the road last night included dancing and champagne and a little too much of one of those I suspect. For the first time in a long time I haven’t made new year’s resolutions. […]