Simple stuff


I am all for simple. But I am great at complicating or overcomplicating my life…overanalysing conversations, situations. Reflection is one thing, but sometimes I seem to take it to a ridiculous extreme.

I read a couple of things today that resonated with me.

The first one came from a retweet from @polyxena – from a website called – the post is called “one new year’s resolution that creates lasting change“. In it the writer talks about 4 steps to increase your happiness ratio. Simple stuff, but worthy of a read.

  1. recognise the places where you feel helpless
  2. identify the different events that lead to feelings that seem negative
  3. identify the things that create positive feelings
  4. stay mindful of the ratio

It’s not about perfection. Which leads me to my second interesting read. I signed up in the pre Christmas excitement to the no impact experiment – a one week carbon cleanse that starts 2 January for 1 week. I started reading about it today and thought “I can’t do all this”…. Again, looking for the perfect. I have decided that I am still going to try the experiment, but realise that I just won’t get 100% – which is OK too.

The twitter stream is starting to buzz with new year resolutions – so far I like balance, health and ‘me’ time.


One Response to “Simple stuff”

  1. good advice.

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