This day…


No reason at all to be but I felt out of sorts, flat, even quite down today.

Despite this we had already arranged for friends to come over for brunch. They brought me a bunch of hydrangeas from their garden. I took quite a few photos of them, as the dining table is rarely this free of clutter and I liked the flowers, the table, the chairs.

Isabel, Carl and I then went to the National Portrait Gallery for the afternoon. Saw the Martin Schoeller exhibition ‘Close Up’ – which was good, but I’d like to see his take on a bunch of regular teenagers instead of all the photos of celebrities (I liked Frankie and some of the ‘unknowns’ as they are called). I read something there about the fact he photographs people so close that he likes to see the topography of the face revealed.

I often grab those free postcards (I have 100s), and I grabbed a couple of these large cards that are advertising NPG events – including the ‘Indecent exposure’ exhibit that start 21 January. It’s all about Annette Kellermann ‘champion lady swimmer and diver of the world’ who was a champion endurance swimmer & silent film star (sometimes as a mermaid!). Can’t wait to see. This image entranced me.

Tomorrow is another day, and hopefully a happier one.



5 Responses to “This day…”

  1. Must have been your turn? Fi had a bad day yesterday. Hugs to you, hope you have a better one tomorrow x

  2. {hugs} ah well, tomorrow is another day

  3. 3 strawberriesofintegrity

    today (tomorrow) was better. thanks all. x

  4. What a stunning card/photo! Does it say who did the image?

    • 5 strawberriesofintegrity

      Rachael, says 1905 State Library NSW. But I have a spare for you 🙂

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