Making a list…and checking it twice



I make lists. I make a lot of lists. All sorts. Allsorts. There were lists before Christmas. There is now a list for this week of relaxation post Christmas.

On the current list is a visit to the National Gallery of Australia – to check out the new spaces and entrance and just to wander around the collection. Carl is an inaugural member of the NGA – he joined as a high school student when the NGA first opened and has always been a member. We used to go quite often, even when the kids were little, but lately our visits have dropped off and we tend to only go for major blockbusters.

Today we had a lovely afternoon wandering around the new entrance and galleries – the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander exhibitions are great and we also saw the Street Art, stencil exhibition (which is a little weird when you don’t see it in the context of street art?). I loved the James Turrell installation “within without 2010” and took loads of photos with my new camera.

It was a beautiful sunny day and just wonderful. Lots of silliness and fun with Carl and Isabel.



[When I got home I tidied out the linen cupboard. Went to my list and I hadn’t put it on there, although I had meant to – so retrospectively added it…don’t you??]


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