No reason needed


Merry Christmas! It’s the only time of the year we really use the word ‘merry’ isn’t it. [Just checked Oxford Online Dictionary and ‘merry’ means that ‘that causes pleasure…pleasing or delightful’].

Taking part in the #blog12daysxmas challenge that starts today.

I’ve had a lovely day, the light is going and it will be dark soon.

I really need no reason to be reflective. I do it all the time. But Christmas, like New Year and significant birthdays and other milestones in life does make me think a little more.

I feel incredibly lucky and happy this Christmas. I have a lovely family and lovely friends. A special, beautiful, reflective day.

Thank you all (subsequent posts will be more thought out, but for Christmas Day- that’s it). Kx

One Response to “No reason needed”

  1. I don’t think subsequent posts necessarily need to be more thought out… we had a lovely day too, very quiet without the kids. They are arriving here in an hour or so & we head off to Canberra to spend Christmas with my parents.

    I’m not blogging #12daysofxmas having just done #virtualadventcalendar but am watching with interest.

    Have a grand time.


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