Ha! Hey, not bad when you look at it over the month. I’ve walked approx. 272,500 steps for the month of November.
I’ve had a pedometer for years now and wear it very infrequently to just keep a tab on how many steps I’ve walked for the day.
You’ve probably seen all the stuff about 10000 steps and only last week I heard another person on the radio talk about 30 minutes exercise a day, regular, at least 5 times a week.
Well I walk – Monday to Friday around an hour each morning. Weekends sometimes longer, sometimes shorter.
Motivated by dogs and Carl and friends and Mount Ainslie and health and head – I walk.

So for November I kept a rough idea of steps.

My rules:

  • I admit – a couple of days I completely forgot or couldn’t wear the pedometer (but I knew which walk I did on the mountain and have a rough idea of steps)
  • approx steps only. I didn’t get too obsessive. Sometimes I didn’t put it on for a while after getting up
  • I rounded my daily steps down

Surprisingly my average daily steps averages out at 9083.33*(repeater) – so almost 10000 steps a day. Not bad considering a couple of days with no walk or sitting in a car all day (trip to Sydney).

The month with my pedometer has been an interesting exercise. I do get up and walk around – but I basically have a desk job and am pretty sedentary during the day. I figure if I don’t do a walk – I only average 3000 steps a day – which is nowhere near enough.

Walking is good. For me. 

And I figure it’s around 3 million steps a year, which only reinforces the fact – wear good shoes, and must get a pedicure…and enough step counting.


One Response to “272,500”

  1. I’m so sedentary with my job too. I do try and walk at lunchtime when it’s fine.

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