The cool, cool sounds of …


….Dave Pike.


Well I didn’t know who Dave Pike was until a few years ago. When we were coming back from India through Bangkok in 2004, I picked up some dodgy CDs. One was called Asian Lounge (I think- I have lost it now…), but this song, Mathar (listen to the whole thing) was on it and I love it!!! Indian, 60s, wonderful.

So I’ve since found out a little about Dave Pike. He is a jazz vibraphonist. I have only listened to a few of his songs, but none grabs me like Mathar.  His records are expensive, but I’d love Dave Pike on record I think. A CD just won’t cut it. That’s’ what I  miss about albums – the cover art. Just not the same…. How cool is this record cover?

Off to Sydney tomorrow – just for the day, and Mathar, is of course of the iPod.



3 Responses to “The cool, cool sounds of …”

  1. Thanks for linking to the song – love it! It reminded me a bit of Henry Mancini’s soundtrack to The Party – one of my favourite albums 🙂

    I’m also an LP lover, and that cover is a classic! I’ve only been separated from my record collection for a few months (they’re being stored in Melbourne), but I already miss them! This post really makes me want to have a flick through them – as you say, many of them are as enjoyable to look at as to listen to 🙂

  2. that was truly cool thanks! I notice the album is in Mono – all important if you have an old amplifier with a Mono button. Apparently makes all the difference when listening to early Beatles.

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