TED spread!


“Great minds come together at TEDxCanberra” – Canberra Times the day before the TED fest yesterday.

I don’t think it escaped the attention of anyone at TEDxCanberra that talks on mental illness book-ended a rather fantastic day.

Like millions of people I have watched TED talks online. They are great, but actually being in the TED audience is something else again. The recordings should be online soon. I can’t wait to see some of them again.

The list of speakers is here. I didn’t tweet or liveblog or do anything much for a whole day except listen and think and wonder.


Mental health- why aren’t we there for each other? Almost double the number of suicides in Australia than road accidents. Suicide is the leading cause of death in women under 34 and men under 44. We need to develop a culture of suicide first aide- like road and fire safety and physical first aide. Change the way you talk, people don’t commit suicide – this is a throwback from when suicide was regarded as a crime and a sin. People suicide. Young people suicide. Dawn O’Neill, Pat McGorry Pat said that adolescents are “exquisitely sensitive” – how wonderful is that phrase…I forget that sometimes I know.

The search box is a slot. The search box is ubiquitous. Think of one of Sidney Nolan’s famous paintings of Ned Kelly. All we see when we search is that letterbox view of a collection. Is search all we have? Mitchell Whitelaw – the Visible Archive – work at NAA. “Show everything” – the links, relationships, networks. – context. Visualisation is interactive and live. Brings you right into the document or image. Offers clues. Discovery.

What we expect influences what we see – Miriam Lyons

Seeking (and finding) our future. I’ve heard Mark Pesce speak before, but his TED talk was different. Personal. I’m not quite sure how he prepared or practised such a talk. The future is alluring, he used the word alluring a lot. The essence of his talk? – when you look down and in (to your device), look up and connect.

Kristin Alford talked about the future, sustainability. We have stories of the past, we need stories of the future, integrated stories of the future. Most stories of the future are about technology or the green, sustainability stories. We need integrated stories and images about the future. Not the future of 10-40 years away, but the future of 100 year away?  21 August this year was ‘earth overshoot day’ – when we used up our ecological budget for the year.

Dreams, kids dream when they are small children, why do we stamp on their dreams when they are teenagers, adolescents – when they need more than ever to dream? – Francis Owusu and fantastic boys dancing. Such humour and passion. We need to be dream converters.

Passion, find a passion – Sunny Forsyth

…..  That doesn’t even cover HALF of the speakers!

It was exhausting and exhilarating. People, education, society, future, sustainability.

Watch the videos when they are up.

All ideas worth spreading.

(oh- and great to meet Clare, aka @newgradlib and partner IRL). Kx

14 Responses to “TED spread!”

  1. 1 Darius @alearningthing

    Good to meet you too Kate. It was great to be able to put a face to one of the library names Clare so often mentions at home.

  2. You did well to recall that much! As an organiser I had the privilege of watching the presentations twice, in rehearsal the day before as well as the main event … and I cried for during Dawn O’Neil’s and Francis Owusu’s talks on both days. Powerful stuff.

    Thanks for the write-up on TEDxCanberra!

    • 4 strawberriesofintegrity

      But I faded fast! Can’t wait for the videos. It’s hard to believe that in a ‘lucky’ country like ours we get things so wrong. I think I need to move away from looking at why to solutions and doing my bit. Part of reason why I am doing my grad dip ed now. We all go to our own professional conferences and training – but I loved TED for its breadth.

  3. Thanks for the write up! As one of the organisers, I missed out on hearing many of the presentations during rehearsals and during the day, so it’s great to catch up via the blog posts.

    • 6 strawberriesofintegrity

      thanks Ruth.
      I don’t feel I have done it much justice- since writing this yesterday I have remembered and thought about other aspects 🙂 – which is good- you want this stuff to stick!

  4. Katie, I’m so glad you had a good time at TEDxCanberra. And that the lineup we managed to put together was thought-provoking for you.

    If you got nothing else from the day buthaving a good time, we achieved our goals. That you might now act, makes us very happy. Overshoot goal!

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