My family and other zombies


A few zombie experiences of late make a nice update to a pretty hectic few months, both at home and at work (ok- it’s a bit of a tenuous theme).
Carl joined Facebook this year, reluctantly and he doesn’t do much there (and neither do I much these days), but this week – FB removed his profile pic – FB said that it was a violation of their terms of use.
What FB doesn’t know is that his profile pic is a genuine zombie! Carl as a zombie in full prosthetic make-up for Swinburne student Zombie film by Zlatko Kasumovic. Melbourne, 1985. I give you the photo in gory detail – not the tiny profile pic size that so offended FB!

Bit of a theme? Izzy recently went to a party as a zombie.

And then last night – Jack too – went to a party as a zombie (early Halloween thing…). Isabel did the makeup. I reckon the Davies side of the family make pretty good zombies.

Me? well I haven’t been dressing as a zombie. Back on track with work and uni. We have just acquired LibGuides for work for our subject guides. I’m not working on a zombie survival LibGuide – but University of Florida have already got one.

I recently saw the BBC film of My family and other animals. I love the book (and it’s one of those great $9.99 penguins) and I love those large, shambolic families of old. I know it wasn’t all happy, but then we can’t always be happy.

More soon…there is lots in my head.



4 Responses to “My family and other zombies”

  1. 1 patrice

    Hey Kate,
    I remember in one of his letters from Melbourne in the mid 80’s saying he was a monster or something in a zlatko project.. Cool..picture looks great blown up!

    P x

  2. 2 patrice

    PS-the kids look great!!!!

  3. 3 Kate Hallett

    Hi Kate, Carl, Jack & Issy

    Would you be available to come over to the Halletts for brunch either next weekend or the following one?

    I would love to catch up with you and see your gorgeous big kids… wow, how they have grown.

    And yep, you’ve go the best looking lot of Zombies!

    Bye for now


    Kate and the boys

  4. 4 Kirsty-Skye

    Absolutely hilarious! Facebook never fails to suprise me! It let me change my middle name to “Monkey Town”, but it didn’t let my Turkish friend change her name to something less ridiculous (can’t remember what?!).

    As for the Zombie thing, I agree. I am very proud to be related to such good-looking zombies!

    xx hugs and loves xx

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