Long term, short term – lists!


Almost a month into July and this month of “getting-things-sorted-before-I-study-2-units-and-also-hold-down-a-full-time-job” from 2 August is going quick smart!

C and I made a list of long-term things to do around the house yesterday when were driving to Goulburn. No dates against any of it- but useful to see where it’s all going around the house/garden.


  • garden bed outside our bedroom window
  • gravel path – backyard
  • finish retaining walls on south side of house
  • stage 3 greywater- to the front yard
  • finish final third of driveway
  • soil/compost for retaining wall garden beds
  • mulch for top backyard
  • move table /bench from under eucalypt, sand and repaint (it’s one of those blue, red, green and yellow wooden slatted benches with a low table)
  • finish deck – screen and seal/oil deck


  • curtains for front room
  • rug for front room
  • picture rail- and put up pictures
  • finish top and bottom of bookshelf in front room
  • repaint wall near desk/PC

Have a fab housewarming party – when it’s warmer. Got this idea in my head that I’d like a winter solstice party- then realised how bloody cold and damp it would be despite bonfires etc. I want a long, long warm evening – the deck, garden, lights, candles, fires, music, friends…

July list

  • go to Bowral tomorrow for a couple of days, see mum and dad and drive with dad to radiotherapy appointments
  • haircut/colour – it’s all going baby! Fed up with having shoulder length grey/dark/light foils. I feel like a mad old woman some days (but then again- perhaps I am….)
  • optometrist – need new script for certain, so new frames, sunglasses….
  • doctor – check out a couple of sun spots
  • get the kids back to school and sorted… I is off to Melbourne for a week in August and that requires some thinking about!
  • 16 July – deliver my workshop at the work Learning and Teaching Conference. I seem to often have something *hanging* over me that paralyses my actions…this is it for the present. In my mind there is stuff to do before 16 July and then all the stuff I will be able to do after 16 July….
  • Think about and buy C some birthday presents that is on…..16 July! Poor baby. I’ll be in Sydney from early morning to early evening so have to work all that out.

Actually the July list doesn’t look too bad, although it’s just from my head. We’ll just see. As my dad so often says “everything’s under control Kate, mmm, except you….”


5 Responses to “Long term, short term – lists!”

  1. 1 apubliclibrarian

    I can really sympathise with your paralysis – I do the same thing- each time I promise myself not to set targets that are all consuming. Having tasks to work on together are some of the best times -enjoy1

  2. 2 Polyxena

    Hey! Great news you are coming to Melbourne in August! Let’s know details and tweetup will be organized 🙂 PS i have had lists like yours for yeeaaars…..

    • 3 strawberriesofintegrity

      sorry- I meant *I* my daughter (Isabel) is in Melbourne for a week. My next travels are Sydney next week, Gold Coast and Sydney in August. Kx

  3. 4 bookgrrl

    New hair, new glasses- woo hoo! There’s nothing like a makeover to make you feel better and amek you feel you have ticked something off the list! Would love to catch up in August if you’re down in Melbourne 🙂

    • 5 strawberriesofintegrity

      sorry- I meant *I* my daughter (Isabel) is in Melbourne for a week. My next travels are Sydney next week, Gold Coast and Sydney in August.
      yes – a makeover- that’s what I need….

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