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Bookgrrl, Justgirlwithshoes,  Rien d’important, and NewGradLibrarian all did this. It’s A&R books top 100 books for 2010.  I have simplified the ratings though…  + = Books I have enjoyed reading  no = books I haven’t read  1 The Twilight Saga Stephenie Meyer – no (but we have them all here should I ever want to)  2 Harry […]

I blogged about the plastic soup in the ocean a while ago now and David Rothschild is out in the ocean – with five others –  in a boat called the Plastiki, made from 12500 reclaimed plastic bottles. I read this story this morning. Rothschild goes for a swim in the middle of the ocean…more than 2000 km […]

Do you remember my post Congratulations – you are part of the Popular Penguin’s Campaign Well there is a lovely little pamphlet out now – which lists all 75 of the recently published Popular Penguins. I’m right in the middle! Ha!! :p I think those tricky Penguin people had lots of fun matching up people […]

Almost a month into July and this month of “getting-things-sorted-before-I-study-2-units-and-also-hold-down-a-full-time-job” from 2 August is going quick smart! C and I made a list of long-term things to do around the house yesterday when were driving to Goulburn. No dates against any of it- but useful to see where it’s all going around the house/garden. outside: […]