30 things


thanks to @bonitoclub and @misssophiemac

Thirty things I have done this month so far (after all I do have a day to go…) – apart from #blogeverydayinjune

  1. attended a funeral – very sudden, very sad, very young
  2. enrolled for uni for Semester 2
  3. cooked toast for my daughter’s high school breakfast club
  4. watched two performances of Ms 14’s high school musical ‘Once on the Island’
  5. created some great slow cooked dinners & a pretty fantastic eggplant lasagna
  6. made a fabulous blackberry and apple crumble
  7. saw Animal Kingdom
  8. watched Marie Antoinette (again) on DVD – with my daughter – one lazy afternoon
  9. finished a gravel path
  10. planted two trees – a flowering dogwood (woof) and a Chinese pistachio
  11. had lunch at My Rainbow Dreams
  12. stayed three nights in Sydney in a noice apartment
  13. spent three days face to face in Sydney with my work colleagues
  14. ate Spanish, Vietnamese, Thai and more in Sydney
  15. went to Cooma to watch Mr17 play football – 250km round trip
  16. had a couple of late nights/early mornings watching World Cup
  17. turf, turf, laid turf!
  18. made a belated birthday cake
  19. finished the Millennium books.  I can now get on with other reading…
  20. must have gone to the hardware shop at least four times (but I don’t count these days)
  21. saw some Vivid lights
  22. met the delightful @nomesd for real, along with @brucebits and Sonya
  23. won entire backlist of Barbara Kingsolver books from Allen and Unwin
  24. ate ice cream at night in Circular Quay
  25. took the dogs on many delightful doggy walks
  26. crunched through some mighty frosty mornings
  27. read lots of #blogeverydayinjune posts and felt more connected
  28. role played a client for a taped social work interview
  29. got another 23Things program happening at work
  30. caught a cold…grrr, so off.to.bed

One Response to “30 things”

  1. 1 Tony

    It was looking good until number 30, oh dear. Take care of yourself…

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