Tick, cross, learning, link(s)


LiberryDwarf has blogged most of this #blogeverymonthinjune by a daily post format – a good thing, a bad thing, a thing I’ve learned, and a link. Seems a good way to sum up my day today.

A good thing: today I helped show around a group of 35 university administrators from China. They are here for 18 weeks studying at ANU. Some had English and there was an interpreter with them. I just helped show them around the campus. Such interest and such interesting questions! What is that flower? – a nerine. What is the difference between the Catholic faith and other forms of Christianity? (we were in the chapel) – my colleague R handled that one. Anyway good fun (and they took loads of photos!).

A bad thing: mmm, Edie chewed through J’s laptop lead.

A thing I have learned: J driving now has added almost $700 to our car insurance premium (youth + boys + cars= $$$$)

A link(s): I am about to rewatch Mad Men Series One that I have borrowed from the local public library. I love the Mad Men opening credits:

and then of course there is the Simpson’s Mad Men parody

But if you want to see some really cool design and where credits like Mad Men were derived from, take a look at Saul Bass – graphic designer. He did some great film credits and posters, including Bunny Lake is Missing and The Man with the Golden Arm:

I am one of those people who loves checking out film credits!

This one is great too- another Saul Bass- North by Northwest

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