Register your interest


A busy Saturday so far…but one thing I will do this weekend is register my interest in attending TEDxCanberra on 23 October. Numbers are limited to approx 300. I may not even get there…but if not, I’ll be following it all in some form or another!

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[If you are remotely interested my Saturday so far…..grower’s markets, grocery shopping, washing, cleaning a bathroom, soccer watching, cooking a meal for this evening (slowcooked thrown together casserole, snow peas, rice and then apple and blackberry crumble with cream). The rest of Saturday will be – mother-in-law coming over then we all head out to closing night of Ms 14’s high school musical – Once on this Island, drop MIL home, pick up Ms 14 from closing night party sometime early Sunday morning].

After a hectic Saturday, I *think* no plans or commitments tomorrow….wait – that can’t possibly be right….


2 Responses to “Register your interest”

  1. 1 Penny

    your dessert sounds so good!

  2. 2 bookgrrl

    I agree- recipe please!

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