L (M, N, O) P!


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Well he’s done it. My 17 now had his P plates.

Today he went from L to P.

Llicense. The competency based training and assessment system/ lessons have been great. J has been driving for about 8-9 months and has had seven lessons in the last 7 weeks. Competences checked and then reviewed in later lessons.

Mmovie – seeing Animal Kingdom tonight.

Nnew stuff. As someone who hasn’t had a driving lesson in gulp….30 years…I learnt some new stuff while J had his seven-lessons-to-get-his-Ps. Granted, nothing revolutionary, but for eg. we drive a manual & when I see a red light ahead I sometimes slow down by dropping down gears. J’s driving instructor Ron said “if you know you have to stop, just stop, then put the clutch in.”

When you think about it you get a license at 17 or so and then…that’s it! – no refresher, no updates, no nothing. Interesting. Lifelong learning when driving…maybe not?

Ooh I am so pleased I will no longer be mistakenly driving around as an L-plater (when J forgets to take the L plates off). Being regarded as the occasional P plater lifts me a little, lol.

P – so pleased for him. Another step for him and for me. Like a lot of these things – a bit of a double-edged sword. I’m sure I’ll be worried when I know he is out there driving around…



5 Responses to “L (M, N, O) P!”

  1. 1 Penny

    Hoorah! 😛

  2. 2 patrice

    thats good news that J got his P’s, it frees you up..both mine have their licences, but it is worrying..C drives all the time and is a great driver- and goes nice and slow and turns the music down when mum’s in the car-he he 🙂

    N is another story-I hate thinking of him driving his 1986 lazer..but thats just my fear..and i will get over it..but, I think the worrying stays a bit with you until they get older..
    Long as they don’t drink at all and drive and no texting! Canberra is pretty good for getting around methinks..congrats for your boy!

    I saw “Animal Kingdom” last week and quite enjoyed it..great perfomances!


    • 3 strawberriesofintegrity

      Animal Kingdom very good film, loved the pacing and the getting inside the family’s heads…

  3. Kate my now 18 year old goes onto his green P’s in the next month or so and Miss 16 has just started driving (11 hours down, only 109 to go….). I have to be really careful not to abuse the convenience of having the extra driver around – it’s a fine line between that and having him pull his weight and do the ‘good of the family’ thing!

    Strangely, even though mine has had 2 cars written off (one on his L’s, one a few months ago, neither his fault) I actually don’t worry that much about him on the road. I worry about all the other drivers….. He delivers pizza for a living so is doing a lot of driving and I see that as a good thing, I figure by the time he gets over that job there won’t be much he hasn’t seen on the roads and avoiding surprises is half the battle.

    For all that I love watching them get their independence I still think it was slightly better when they were all in primary school and more or less did as they were told!

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