Bit of quiet after a wow 24 hours


Goodness – I’m alone.

C has gone back to work, J is at football practise, and I is performing at her high school musical and I can reflect on a pretty wow, 24 hours for me and…. well for the rest of you!

Kathryn has asked in her post for #blogeverydayinjune  – where were you when…? and that got me thinking too. Let me share my last 24 hours.

Wednesday evening

Bookgroup at 8pm and I am buggered just thinking about it. But yep I’ve read the book, had a shower and I’m pretty pleased with dinner – eggplant lasagna (OK- Ms 14 did say “fricking awesome eggplant lasagna mum!!”) –  that I made the day before. [Made with steamed whole eggplant, chopped up and cooked with oil, dried chilli, garlic and thyme. You then add a bunch of torn fresh basil leaves, 2 tins of tomatoes, splash of balsamic and a small knob of unsalted butter. Layer fresh lasagna sheets with the eggplant mix and a mixture of fresh grated parmesan and cheddar cheese. On top add some more basil, parmesan and olive oil. Bake.]

Just as I got to bookgroup I heard on the radio that John Faulkner and Julia Gillard were about to meet with Kevin Rudd about leadership.

Bookgroup was good, it always is. I blogged about bookgroup before here and here. Just after 10pm, mobile phones started to go off – partners calling- leadership spill – put on ABC – quick!! We watched Lateline and talked and I didn’t check Twitter or TV or anything when I got home. I went to bed knowing that there would be a caucus meeting at 9am.

I did however say a few words to my 17 year old… “Hey J – wake me up early if the football gets exciting ….” He was getting up to watch Australia vs Serbia, game starting 4.30am.

Thursday morning

5.50am. Bedroom door is flung open – ‘Mum!, it just got interesting” J rushes out and I am awake. I watch the last 30mins of the game with him. I’m glad that the socceroos won a game and realistically they probably ended up in the World Cup in the *right* place.

I then went for my regular Thursday morning walk. It is sooooo dark at 6.30am. Beautiful walk – it had rained overnight and it was damp, misty and quite lovely. Returning home at 8am, the clouds and mist lifted and the sun came out. I didn’t switch on TV (I just can’t do morning television) and I couldn’t get Twitter on my phone. I don’t usually have these 3G problems? The interwebs clogged?

Work. I was going to my local campus library planning meeting today. I only do one three hour library shift a week these days (my work is for all six campus libraries) but it was nice to be asked and a great opportunity to catch up, reflect and plan at the local campus library level. The meeting was scheduled to start at 9.30am. How would that fit in with the 9am caucus? I listened to ABC Radio National from 8.30am onwards and kept an eye on Tweetdeck. You could just feel the excitement! Anticipation! Tension! I love the tweets when this sort of thing is unfolding. I love ABC – but twitter is so immediate and I love the mass voices and participation! And some of it is just plain funny.

By the time I walked down to the meeting room for 9.30am and checked Twitter it was all over. Just like that! The first female Prime Minister for Australia. I really didn’t check again until after the meeting ended mid afternoon. Reading back on some of the tweet stream was exhausting and exhilarating all at once. Why am I sooo tired from this?

This tweet from 10 hours ago:

Fake Julia Gillard PM_JuliaGillard I just ousted @KevinRuddPM as the Prime Minister of Australia on foursquare!

  • I don’t particularly like the way it all happened.
  • I am pleased for the result.
  • I don’t really understand how the factions work.
  • I AM disappointed that Lindsay Tanner is leaving politics. He is smart, spoke well and I liked him.
  • I thought the twitter hashtag #spillard was funny
  • I don’t know if it comes down to communication. By all accounts Kevin Rudd micro-managed? He didn’t trust? He wanted to do it all?

My very simplistic analysis…

Anyway, I’m off to watch Masterchef pressure test.



2 Responses to “Bit of quiet after a wow 24 hours”

  1. 1 Penny

    some very tired people over there tonight I would say…

  2. 2 patrice

    it has been such an exhausting few days..all my family are “Julia haters”, for no reason, they don’t have to have a reason.. and are been over-dramatic and calling the whole thing a “coup” etc…i haven’t got the strength..needless to say i am on the outer on my other facebook “family” page as I am the only one who seemed to be able to put things in perspective and to understand (mostly) why it happened, and, like you, am happy with the result.
    I am not talking about my sons in this or brother Laurence, they are the ones that are cool-Its the women!

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