Happy solstice


Just the word solstice is nice don’t you think?

I went to the OED online and found a couple of entries for the word that interested me most:

One or other of the two times in the year, midway between the two equinoxes, when the sun, having reached the tropical points, is farthest from the equator and appears to stand still, i.e. about 21st June (the summer solstice) and 22nd December (the winter solstice).

the sun…appears to stand still….


fig. A turning, culminating, or stopping point; a furthest limit; a crisis.

Lastly – I just had a look at tag galaxy and put in the words… solstice, then winter, then sky. There are some great photos in there and I too must take some photos of our winter solstice sky.

So- happy solstice! and stand still for a moment or two today and look at the sky.


3 Responses to “Happy solstice”

  1. 1 snail

    Anyone who quotes the OED is obviously worth knowing 🙂

  2. I stood still… It’s a nice state to be in. Thanx.

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